I have been buying Amy’s products at the market for so long, but I had no idea they had a restaurant. And let me tell you it did not disappoint one bit!

Take your classic comfort food- burgers and fries- and elevate it by 1000. Now you have VeganBurg. This superb burger joint truly brings the fun with their unique burger combinations and loaded fries!

Located on Haight Street, VeganBurg currently does not offer any outdoor seating but the take out does not fail to deliver deliciousness.

“Burgers that make you and the planet happy” I could not agree more!

I love VeganBurg’s mission and philosophy: breaking the stereotype of a burger and creating sustainable, plant-based fast food that tastes good and makes you feel good.

Need to get some more veggies into your diet and a big fan of oatmeal? Then this recipe is perfect for you!

February 3 market National Carrot Cake Day, so you can bet that morning that I was digging into this masterpiece…

A plant-based diet does not need to be complicated. You do not need to spend hours cooking a meal or buy the most organic ingredients. I think there is such a destructive stigma around the word vegan- It really is as simple or as complicated as you make it!

With that in mind, I present to you my recipe for persimmon overnight oats. Takes maybe five minutes (not including it sitting overnight) and is just 5 ingredients (more or less depending on your choices).


  • oats
  • plant milk
  • chia seeds
  • cinnamon
  • persimmon
  • optional maple syrup or agave if you want…

With my grandparents living in Santa Barbara, it has become a second home to me. My family visits at a minimum twice a year and we always have a blast. This past year was my first time being vegan in Santa Barbara. I have been twice so far, so I have a much better grasp on my options.

I did some research beforehand to prep and it definitely was not easy to find restaurants with a lot of good vegan options. We were to be staying in a hotel room with just a mini fridge, so I needed to find…

Cucumber and avocado rolls. This is usually all I get when ordering sushi with my family. Don’t get me wrong. They are good rolls. It just is not as exciting of an order compared to the intricate rolls that my seafood eating family gets. But not anymore since I have discovered Shizen in San Francisco!

The options at this vegan sushi bar are FAR from boring. And we ordered lots of food because everything just sounded so amazing!

Check out this gorgeous oatmeal bowl! My biggest tip would be to mix the frozen fruit in while cooking because it seriously makes the BEST color.

It is just so pretty :)

This breakfast is packed with berries for the flavor and the antioxidants!


  • oats
  • water or plant milk
  • cinnamon
  • chia seeds
  • frozen blueberries (to add while cooking)
  • toppings: fresh blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, hemp seeds
  • other delicious topping options: black berries, goji berries, peanut butter or any nut butters (basically makes it a pb&j oatmeal)

There are too many ways to spruce this berry bowl up to fit exactly what you are craving! And a reminder to not skimp out on the ample toppings cause that is undeniably the best part!

Who doesn’t love anything brownie inspired? I know I sure don’t!

Brownie overnight oats are delicious, but this recipe for brownie baked oats is next level! It is quite literally just like eating brownie dessert for breakfast. And it is so nutritious and satisfying too!

Can I just say… this is FIRE!

Dessert for breakfast! You literally can not go wrong. It is a brownie but cold and in oat form.

This brownie overnight oats recipe is so delicious and great to satisfy the chocolate hankerings in the am.

Usually I don’t measure the ingredients besides oats and milk, but I found this recipe from a social media influencer named Jazmin Tyler (@ jaztyler on instagram)

I stick with these measurements because it seriously makes the overnight oats so creamy and thick.


  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1 tbsp cacao powder
  • 1…

Picture this vibe: eating acai bowls (but like not traditional, ones filled with all sorts of goodness) on a street parklet as drizzles of rain fall onto your head.

This was the beauty of my reality when I first tried Palmetto Superfoods. Even during a cold San Francisco afternoon, I could not get enough of these bowls! They truly blew me away!

Palmetto Superfoods has a section on their website dedicated to explaining their super clean and delicious ingredients. I would highly suggest checking it out! Everything is vegan minus the honey, bee pollen, and certain granola containing honey.


Sophie Branham

Welcome to My Veggie Tales: the life of a vegan teenager in San Francisco!

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